Island :  Mahé
This long stretch of coastline stretching along the south-eastern coast of Mahé and including Turtle Bay, has narrow beaches and shallow waters that lie close to the coastal road. At low tide, it is interesting to walk on the sand and rocky outcrops where you will discover all sorts of marine life trapped in rock pools.

Local fishermen also use this stretch of coast to set fish traps and hunt for octopus and can often be seen wading out to the reef at low tide. At high tide it is possible to swim here, but the water remains fairly shallow.
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How to get there
From the international airport, turn left and drive south for about 3.5km on the main road. Ascend a hill and as you descend the other side, you’ll see Katiolo discotheque on the left (at the deep bend in the road). From that point onwards there are several places where you will be able to park your car and access the beach.
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Anse Aux Pins
Anse Aux Pins
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